9.30am | Registration

10.00am | Welcome and introduction

Paul Brindley, CEO & Co-Founder, Music Ally

10.10am | Panel session: “Up Hit Creek - The Dry Streams Paradox”

The music industry’s focus is so much more on how to drive up streaming numbers at the expense of more holistic fan engagement and brand building. The result may be great playlist placement, with loads of new streams, but are these real fans? Are we getting too reliant on streaming services? How do we drive more genuine fan engagement? How can you make your artist stand out and convert listens into recognition?

Chair: Patrick Ross, SVP, Digital Strategy, Music Ally

Heather Ellis, Senior Manager, Editorial Content, Pandora
Naveed Hassan, Artist Manager, MDDN
Amanda Suriani, Senior Director, Account Management, The Orchard
Cindy James,
VP, Streaming and Playlisting Strategy, Island Records

10.50am | Digital Marketing Case Study: Behind the Khruangbin Campaign

Presenter: Robby Morris, Creative Director, Secretly Group

11.00am | Keynote discussion: “Targeting the Superfans”

A one on one discussion between Sarah Flanagan, Associate Director, Digital & Influencer Marketing, Columbia Records with Jose Abreu, Senior Director, Digital Strategies, Latin Iberia Region, Sony Music Entertainment.

11.25am | Networking break

12.00pm | Keynote presentation: “Beyond Conversions”

Presenter: Patrick Ross, SVP, Digital Strategy, Music Ally

12.15pm | Panel discussion: “Listen Up - podcasts as a marketing tool for music”

Chair: Cherie Hu, Music and Tech Journalist

Tom Mullen, Vice President, Marketing Catalog, Atlantic Records
Kevin Wortis, Founder, SIGNAL Co. No 1 and more TBC
Lisa LaCour, Head of Marketing, Endeavor Audio

1.00pm | Lunch

2.05pm | Presentation: Digital Case Study - Video, Pocasting and Social embedded with Fan Emails

Presenter: Matt Highsmith, Founder,

2.15pm | Panel discussion: Digital Data And the Artist

This panel discussion looks at the need to bring together the various silos of data around an artist to start to develop a more coherent and holistic strategy. The data from recorded music, touring and merchandise should be brought closer together. So this panel considers the ways in this can done, the tools that we help to achieve this and the possible benefits for artists, managers and rights-owners.

Chair: Jeppe Faurfelt, Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Linkfire

Tim Hrycyshyn, VP of Digital Marketing, Republic Records
Kristin Westcott-Grant
, CEO, Westcott Multimedia
Bryan Calhoun, Artist Advocate

3.00pm | Generation Z: Creating Viral Content That Scales with Flighthouse’s Jacob Pace

Marni Wandner, VP, Digital Marketing for The Syndicate will sit down with the 20-year-old Flighthouse CEO and VP of Business Development and A&R Jacob Pace. The interview will dig in to how Jacob managed to grow Flighthouse to become one of TikTok and Youtube's most successful channels with over 18 million subscribers and how Jacob thinks the music industry can create scaleable content to appeal to Generation Z music fans far and wide. 

Interviewer: Marni Wandner, VP, Digital Marketing, The Syndicate

Interviewee: Jacob Pace, CEO, Flighthouse

3.30pm | Networking break

4.00pm | Presentation: “Growth Hacking the Music Video”

Vevo is one of the biggest sources of music video data in the world. 75% of Vevo’s traffic on YouTube comes from their algorithms surfacing the content to users. The more one can understand how these algorithms work, the more can use them to one’s advantage. In this session Greg Duffy will be sharing initiatives developed by Vevo to maximize the growth and performance of music videos. Vevo has gained significant insights from its data that ultimately help Vevo and its record labels partners develop strategies to increase artist exposure, fan engagement and grow revenue. A deep understanding of this data and the practical ways to put it to use can mean the difference between a huge video hit or a lackluster release.

Presenter: Greg Duffy, Business Operations & Strategy Manager, Vevo

4.15pm | Panel discussion: International marketing in emerging markets

This panel looks at how best to market artists into more emerging and developing markets such as India, China and African markets.

Chair: Julia Hummel, Director, Marketing Strategy, Warner Music Group

iKECHUKWU Onuorah, 2nd Vice-President, Artiste Managers Association in Nigeria (AMAN)
Eric Fritschi, EVP, Artist Partnerships, mtheory
Alex Taggart, Head of International, Outdustry Group

5.00pm | Drinks reception. Sponsored by

Music Ally and Clio Music will giveaway a pair of Clio Awards tickets during the Sandbox Summit. The tickets ($2,000 value) are for the 60th Clio Awards, to be held on Wednesday, September 25th at the Manhattan Center, 311 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. Tickets include pre-show reception, seated dinner, program, and post-event reception. Guests are responsible for transportation and any other expenses associated with attendance.